Cynthia Elliot VanLandingham is a 1985 graduate of Texas Tech University. She majored in Fashion Design and Merchandising. August 3, 2013 marked her 22nd year in business. The business started with 300 Sq Ft. in the basement on the north side of McKinney’s Historic Square. A year and a half later, the boutique moved to the old Vermillion’s building. Cynthia and Steve were known as the “Square Keepers” because they not only worked at the boutique, they also lived above it. Cynthia credits her many years of success to her careful attention to detail pertaining to buying quality unique clothing lines, and perfectly altering them to fit her clients. Her clients needs span from the high school special occasion dressing to casual wear for young moms, with special emphasis on the baby boomers and beyond. The most important key to her success is the deep bonds of friendship which she has developed with her clientele throughout the years. August of 2008 Cynthia decided to remodel the store since the square was being totally over hauled. The boutique is an elegant retreat that you won’t want to leave. Over 30 designers are featured throughout the year, so there is something for everyone.