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FOR YOU - It all starts with you. You're worth it because you deserve it. Be classy, be fabulous in timeless styles, fresh seasonal designs, and fashion forward trends. You are the modern, chic woman who wants to feel luxurious and stylistic.

THE FIT - We design, we style, but most importantly we make sure the fit is just right. Our sizing standards are "US" sized clothing and we painstakingly make sure each piece fits within our standards of measurement to ensure a proper and consistent fit, every time. Cashmere, silk cotton, real furs and faux furs are thoughtfully used in Love Token garments. Created with romance and elegance paired with intricate craftsmanship for a perfect fit.

INSPIRE CONFIDENCE - Our clothing hopes to not only make you feel great about yourself, but perhaps get you to walk a bit taller, inspire some attitude, ...and own the room. You are bold, you are brave and you will feel like nothing can stop you in fabulous, chic Love Token clothing.

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