Sterling Silver Bridewell Stone Pendant Necklace

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Designed by Patricia Kreider, this original one-of-a-kind pendant necklace has a stunning Ray Bridewell featured stone.  Ray Bridewell creates Bridewell stones by mixing pure Earth elements at 2450 degree fahrenheit in custom kilns.  The volcanic temperatures liquify the molten matrix of quartz, causing the elements to bloom crystalline formations in the man-made magma.  A special mix of elements are painstakingly cooled in order to foster the crystallographic growth.  Each stone is a unique moment frozen in time.  

In addition, the pendant has a 4mm blue topaz and two 5mm simulated opals.  All components are hand cut and polished.  The pendant is masterfully crafted by using facication techniques traditional to silversmiths.  The chain and clasp are sterling silver.  The Objet d'art jewelry pendant necklace is signed by the artist.


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