"THANK YOU” to Our Customers

"THANK YOU” to Our Customers

The COVID-19 pandemic has been both challenging and inspiring at the same time. It is hard to see something you’ve worked so hard for become at risk from something that is totally out of your control. We are so grateful to our customers who have called in to purchase gift certificates for later use or who have purchased a new outfit with nowhere to wear it.  Many of them have stopped by just to say hello and to give us encouragement.

Our clients' loyalty and patronage have allowed us to keep the lights on and provide for our staff and our family during this pandemic. Our clients' actions have shown us their commitment to support small businesses which are vital to the recovery of our nation's economy. I can never thank them enough for their generosity!

This pandemic has also given us time to do something we’ve always dreamed about and that is to create an online shopping experience for our many customers both local and from around the country. We do hope you will share our new website and spread the word to your friends and family so that we can continue for another 30 years. Thank you for being part of our Small-Town American Dream!

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