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Here at Boho Sol, we are inspired by you! Yes, we love to see how fashion is staying relevant but evolving every second. From the desert to the mountains, us #BohoSolBabes are a little western and a little boho - the perfect duo. We want you to be able to walk the streets with confidence and that laid back throw on boho feeling. Join us to explore the endless possibilities of your inner boho sol; we are bound to provide you with a new treasure that will inspire you and last a lifetime of memories.

Boho Sol is a special sterling silver jewelry line designed by Dallas, Texas native Valerie Katz. After recently graduating with two degrees in fashion design, Val realized she wanted nothing more than to join the jewelry industry. In specific, she was always fascinated by sterling silver and the craftsmanship that comes with that specific metal.

So Valerie decided to take her knowledge of design and creativity to start designing her own sterling silver jewelry line in July of 2019.  Her love for sterling silver and mixing natural stones gives off that western boho chic feel but updated to the modern daywear. 

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