Tryst Fabric Softener

Tryst Fabric Softener

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Tryst Fabric Softener delicately conditions and softens adding an additional layer of our Tryst fragrance to your linens!

We love this sophisticated scented blend of white tea, white lily, chamomile with green florals, jasmine, and fleur d'orangery notes for your full laundry experience, both wash and softener! Fabric Softener, Tryst scent, offers a feminine scent profile

NOTES: white tea, white lily, chamomile, green florals, jasmine, fleur d'orangery

After wash, use fabric softener for best start-to-finish results

Fabric Softener will ensure a longer-lasting scent and add extra softness while reducing static cling and wrinkles. No dryer sheets necessary!

Highly concentrated, yet gentle, a perfect complement to Tryst Linen Wash

Suitable for all machines | For everyday use except synthetics, silk, and wool.

HE Machine, regular cycle: one ounce per load, up to 16 washes

Eco-Friendly, biodegradable, no animal testing

16 ounces | plastic bottle


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